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Why making a website for the 321st GFAB ?


I have met Ray Nagell (WWII, 321st GFAB) for the first time in Bastogne in September 2007, when we organized a Medal Presentation for him and 2 friends of the 501st PIR just outside of the Nuts Cave in the Army Barracks.


I met Ray again on December 15th, while watching the Liberty Jump out of a C47 Dakota close to Chateau Rolley, west of Bastogne, and after that we had a nice long conversation in the town centre.


While we talked about the 463rd PFA website, Ray asked me if I could make a site for the 321st too, because there was no official site for them. We talked about the possibilities and after a while we agreed: "Let's give it a try...!"


today the site is still under construction






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I would also like to address a special THANK YOU, to Tess Stinson (Idaho) for all kinds of help she is giving me on this subject ! Of course also a very special THANK YOU to Mr. Ray Nagell himself, and the members of the 321st GFAB, for the honor to let me build their homepage.