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Follow up by Ken Hesler on my question :


"If I'm not wrong an Airborne Parachute Field Artillery's TO E (as the 463rd, 456th, 377th, ...) consisted of
1  HQ Battery (HH & SV, 131 pers.)
3  75mm Batteries, A - B - C => each with 4 x 75-mm Pack Howitzer, M1A1 (one 75mm = 1 gun section, 107 pers. each)
1  AAA Battery, D => with four  M3A1 37mm anti-tank guns (120 pers.)
1  Med Det (14 pers.)  ?


Ken Hesler:



An added note: As you know, the 463rd PFA was organized from Batteries Hq, A, and B of the 456th at Anzio in February 1944, with C and D batteries being reconstituted in July of that year. D Battery was an anti-aircraft and anti-tank unit. It went to Southern France with orders to "furnish all round Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank protection" and to "pay especial attention to repelling enemy reconnaissance parties."
On September 25, 1944, D Battery was reorganized at Jausiers, France, as a fourth howitzer battery with four 75mm M1A1 howitzers.

As to personnel numbers, the December 19, 1944, S-1 report on the first day at Bastogne, lists the following

Hq and Hq Btry -- 19 officers, 1 WO, and 167 enlisted.
A Btry -- 5 officers and 91 enlisted.
B Btry -- 4 officers and 89 enlisted.
C Btry -- 5 officers and 97 enlisted.
D Btry -- 5 officers and 93 enlisted.
Medical Detachment -- 2 officers and 14 enlisted.

Of course, these numbers varied a bit from day to day, but over time, they are non inconsistent with the organizational charts here above. As for vehicles, the November 10, 1944, (still in Southern France) S-4 report shows a total of 55 vehicles authorized, of which 54 are on hand, with five "deadlined."
On December 22, 1944, the S-4 report has 54 on hand ( 27 1/4 ton jeeps and 27 2 1/2-ton) plus 12 2-1/2 ton attached from 645th QM Company that transported 463rd to Bastogne.



Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) - dated 1942

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