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The Hemroulle Memorial


In the village of Hemroulle which today is a part of Bastogne, we find the 463rd PFA Memorial.
It's a kind of wooden box with a front door in glass, and is attached to the wall of the Chapel which was used as the Aid Station during the siege of Bastogne.

In the box we find a Charter, you can read the text on the picture here below.

At this time we are negotiating with the Bastogne Administration to renew the Memorial by using a marble plaque instead of the wooden box.

The Hemroulle Chapel which was the Aid Station


The Memorial


Letter from Colonel J. T. Cooper.


This letter from the Battalion commander was issued to all the 463rd PFA members on 20 February 1945.

463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

20 February 1945

TO: All members of the 463rd Prcht F.A. Bn.

It is with the greatest satisfaction and personal pride that
I congratulate the men and officers or this battalion on your
splendid achievements of the past year.
One year ago today, during one of the most fierce counter-
attacks by the enemy, you started the 463rd Parachute Field
Artillery Battalion on its road to glorious service and achieve-
ment. During your infancy you were given the task of direct
support artillery, for the "Big Push", that broken the enemy
encirclement of our forces at ANZIO. This job, you handled
admireably and by your constant eneavor and aggresive action
VALMENTONE, TOR SAPIENZA, and ROME you distinguished yourself
and made the 463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion a honored
member of the Fifth Army.
You, again distinguished yourself after your well earned
rest at LAKE ALBANO, and by obsorbing into your ranks and training
two new battries in one and one-half (1 ) months and preparing
for your leading of the invasion troops of the seventh Army
into Southern France.
Under adverse conditions but with the aggressiveness for
which you have became noted you carried the fight to the enemy
in the ALPS, and again when you pushed onto the FRENCH-ITALIAN
border near MENTONE and rejoined your friends in NICE.
       You enjoyed the BRISTOL, the NEGRESCO, CANNES and NICE, and
upon arrival in BASTOGNE you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and
again distinguished yourselves by destroying by direct fire three
(3) MK 1V tanks and capturing one in a serviceable condition.
You, by your quick aggressive action, not only distinguished
yourself in the fight but showed such efficiency and spirit that
your place among the best troops of the 101st Airborne Division
was assured.
       Today, after one year of the toughest fighting in history,
let's pause, and look at the future. This year will, and I am
sure, even surpass the highest expectations of your commanders.
You will continue your aggressiveness in training, or in combat.
You will strive to increase your ability in your respective jobs.
Your grand spirit that has made the 463rd will carry you through
the rough spots ahead, as you realize that the better you make
the 463rd the sooner you will dispose of the enemy and the greater
will become the name of the 463rd Parachute Field Artillery
       Men of the 463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, I am
proud of you, I am proud for you and I am proud to be, the
Battalion Commander of such a unit.

John T. Cooper, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel, Field Artillery,

We are proud to have an original copy of this letter provided by Ms. Sue Whittaker. Thanks !


Ms. Whittaker : "On this original letter you can see where the paper had been so old that it broke at where it was folded and the edges ragged. My husband, William J. Whittaker carried this letter in his wallet and I found it there after he died. If you would like a copy of the original, it would be nice if it was mentioned that it was in my husband's wallet for many, many yrs. Someone may notice his name and remember him. You just never know. I finally got his service records, which were scorched on the edges from the fire in Missouri. At least is was some of his records and shows where he was at first in chemical warfare in Louisiana and then transferred into the paratroopers.



The city of ARTENA makes the 463rd PFA Honorary Citizens in 1991.


Col. Hugh Neal


Doug Bailey : " When we broke out of the Anzio Beachhead and headed for Rome, we went through the little town of Artena and this is where our Battalion Commander (Col. Hugh Neal ) was so badly wounded he never came back to the Battalion.


The town of Artena made the 463rd PFA Battalion Honorary Citizens so I am sending you a copy of the Certificate they gave each one of us a few years after the War. "

The text on the Certificate in English and Italian :


The Municipal Counsel Assembles in an extraordinary session
on the day of the 29th of May 1991 with the resolution number 23
on the occasion of the 47th Anniversary of the Liberation of Artena


"Citizenship to Demonstrate Honor"

TO THE 463RD PARACHUTE FIELD ARTILLERY  -- The Mayor Vittorio Fiorentini


Il Consiglio Comunale riunitosi in seduta straordinaria
il giorno
29 maggio 1991 con delibera n. 23
in occasione del 47o Anniversario della Liberazine di Artena


La "Civitatem Honoris Causa"

Al 463RD PARACHUTE FIELD ARTILLERY  --  Il Sindaco Vittorio Fiorentini


Bastogne Commemorations 1994


Kelly Stumpus, left, and Ken Hesler, third from left, both veterans of the 101st Airborne Division, escort U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, second from left, at the 50th commemoration of the Battle of the Bulge wreath laying in December 1994. The site is the Mardasson Bulge Monument just outside of Bastogne, Belgium. Two other Bulge veterans at right escort King Albert II of Belgium for the ceremony.


The charter signed by Mr. Jean-Luc Dehaene, Prime Minister of Belgium :


Information about other 463rd PFA heroes, brought by family and friends.


Corporal Eugene S. Olivant

I am the son-in-law of Corporal Eugene S. Olivant who died in 1993 at age 72.
Please make sure his name is added to the site.

His rank was Corporal at discharge in August 1945. He enlisted December 3, 1941 and went to jump school in 1942. Two combat jumps with Battalion : one in Sicily and one in France. Supported 1st Special Service Force in Italy and was in Bastogne with the Battalion and received certificate of commendation signed by MG Maxwell D Taylor for destroying a German Tank.
It was either company A or D.

Mr. Eugene Scott Olivant was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and is buried in Upper Darby, PA a suburb of Philadelphia. At his funeral in January 1993 there was a large wreath of flowers from the 101st Airborne Association in the shape of the division patch'.
Mr Olivant spoke with pride of his service with the battalion and of all the tough assignments the unit had. He would often visit me at Fort Bragg from 1986-90 and talk about his experiences. Mr. Olivant belongs on the website.

Thanks, Sam Kramer

- - -

A word from Doug Bailey :

Filip, we had a Eugene Olivant in my 4th Gun section of B-Battery. according to my Roster he enlisted on January 3rd,1941. Army Serial Number--33107263. He joined us in North Africa just before the Sicily Jump. I believe he was from Pennsylvania. Regards, Doug-