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The official site of the Belgian Army : http://www.mil.be.
Organization, general information, latest news, jobs,...

(English, French and Dutch.)

The official site of the 1st Field Artillery Regiment based at Bastogne.
A partnership between the 1A and the veterans and families of the 463rd PFA is being discussed.

(English, French and Dutch.)

The homepage of the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment (Airmobile - Air Assault), or Currahee Homepage.
It is the home for veterans of "The 506th Infantry Regiment", and everyone is welcome here !
They are an organization dedicated to the Veterans of the 506th Infantry and their History.
I have had very nice personal contacts with James M. Nemeth (Jim, 3rd BN) and Bruce Moore "The Moe", and I can tell you that it is worth a visit !


Visit Wild Bill Guarnere.com! The official site of William "Wild Bill" Guarnere. Do we need to explain ? Bill is a very nice person and it is a joy writing him and receiving back a letter.


The website of the Screaming Eagle Association. The Association was created by Screaming Eagle veterans for Screaming Eagle veterans almost sixty years ago. It now is approaching 10,000 members. All those who have worn the most recognized division insignia in the world are welcome and encouraged to join the Association, regardless of where or when you served.
The Association mission: To maintain the camaraderie and preserve the memory of those who served; perpetuating the SCREAMING EAGLE heritage and traditions for future generations; while supporting our veterans and the current Eagles as the 101st Airborne Division continues its Rendezvous with Destiny.


The website of my good friend and Bastogne guide Robert (Roby) Clam.
The one and only official site of Major Dick Winters !


The homepage of writer Mark Bando. Mark wrote some famous books and is a personal friend of veteran and writer Don Burgett (A/506 PI).
There is plenty of interesting material about the Airborne in WWII on the site.

I had the honor and pleasure to spend a day with Mark and Don in Bastogne in September 2005. (See the report in the Bastogne topic / visitors).

Band of Brothers and Easy Company veterans website by my friend Peter van de Wal of the Netherlands. Is also a friend of Clancy's. Spectacular list of veterans photo's.

(Dutch and English)

The official Men of Easy Company website


This website is very famous with the flash animations and other beautiful material regarding to the serial and the veterans of Easy Company. The builders did a wonderful job !

(English and Dutch)

They called us Currahees !
The primary purpose of this website is to reach as many former members and support members as possible and inform them about  their units, their proud history, their Vietnam Odyssey and their current Associations. The families and friends of former members and support members of the 3rd Battalion, 506th Airborne Infantry, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division are also welcome to visit this website. Do not hesitate to contact the most friendly webmaster Jerry Berry for any questions about the subject !


June 1944 - A wind of freedom !
Everything you wanted to know about the 'debarquement' and D-Day. Very nice pictures and here too, a friendly French webmaster Stéphane Delogu.
Stephane, thank you for this worth seeing site !


Dutch Currahees, a Dutch group focused on the 101st Airborne Division, 506th PIR with special interest in Easy Company 2nd Bat. History and Re-enactment. Nice and beautiful pictures !
I have met this group in Ste Marie Du Mont, on June 5th 2003, near Utah Beach. Splendid guys. Hans, thank you so much for the marvelous souvenirs. On this site you should read the story of David Rogers. The Currahees and I went up into the bell tower of the church where Hans took his phone and called David to tell him we stood on the exact spot where David had to fight in 1944. Special moment...

(English and Dutch.)

Very flashy site, with lots of detailed information about D-DAY.
Webmaster Laurent Lefebvre did a spectacular and marvelous job !
I had the chance to meet him in Normandy in June 2003. He is really a nice fellow !
I bought his book "They were at Omaha Beach", and I can only say this : "Buy it too!"

(English and French.)

Very beautiful site about the 'debarquement'. Organizer of the commemorations in Normandy in June.

(French and English)

Website of the Historical Army Foundation. The motto of the Foundation --- Preserve the Heritage...Educate the Future -- summarizes its mission. The Foundation seeks to educate future Americans to fully appreciate the sacrifices that generations of American soldiers have made to safeguard the freedoms of this nation.


This Italian website about D-Day surprised me in a good sense of course, good historical structure, nice and well organized pictures, ... a perfect example for website builders. Good work Stefano !


Website of the Living History Vereniging (Association) 'Screaming Ducks'

The name Screaming Ducks was chosen because of the 'slang' name for the 502nd, dating back to
WW2, the Five-O-Deuce or Five-O-Ducks (source: Rendezvous with Destiny).
If you want to know more about the heroic battles of the 1st Polish Armored Division, about their participation in the D-Day landings, the liberation of France, Belgium, Holland, then you must go to Jan Dombeeks site !

(English, Dutch and Polish)

  Ray and Cristy Pfeiffer are the owners of Historic Tours and true friends ! During the tour season, Cristy and Ray reside in the Omaha Beach Sector of Normandy, France and during the off season they reside in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. They are the only American Tour Directors who actually live in Normandy and they live the history daily. However, although they reside six months of the year in Normandy, they also personally guide their tour members in Paris, the Battle of the Bulge areas of Belgium and Luxembourg and Germany.


  If you are looking for a NICE place to stay in Normandy I can recommend this marvelous gite in Géfosse-Fontenay, in the middle between Utah and Omaha, close to Pointe du Hoc and Isigny-sur-Mer. The owners and habitants are Rob and Jos and they are absolutely friendly people. I will return there in the future, that's for sure ! See their site here...

(English, French, German and Dutch)